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    Parkinson’s -
Now There is a Way
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Hi my name is Jim. I am retired and currently doing Medical Data Analysis research work. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004...


But I had these symptoms in 2000. My severe Parkinson’s symptoms are with my ability to breath, swallow, and biting the insides of cheeks. I also have the other typical PD symptoms tremors, shakes, speech, walking gate, short and long term memory issues, stumbling, falling, trying to stand up from a position of low center of gravity, joint stiffness, and rigid limbs, blinking, and difficulty moving when lying in bed, sleep disturbances, dementia, and stooped posture, and foggy mind etc.  

a new way to control your symptoms

Our body produces Glutathione whose purpose is to remove the dying cell or Free Radicals. The free radicals need to be controlled. If left alone the Free radical will grab an adjacent healthy dopamine producing cell and steal one of its electrons, thereby causing it to slowly die. The one free radical quickly becomes a Gang of Free Radicals that cause most all of the Parkinson’s symptoms listed above.

The proliferation of Free Radicals may greatly shorten the number of years you will live with Parkinson’s and also negatively affects your quality of life. When you have PD, MS, Cancer, Sports Concussions, and other diseases your body does not produce enough Glutathione to remove the free radicals. One can increase your body’s Glutathione levels by consuming bushels of antioxides daily… or you can take L-Glutathione, a supplement to help you win the war against the Free Radicals.

Each week I spend a significant amount of time reviewing:

1. PubMed.gov documents on medicals findings
2. Medical publications on PD, MS, Concussions, Cancer, and other diseases
3. Holistic and Nutritional Supplements: potential cures for PD, MS, Concussions, Cancer, and other diseases
4. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

My GOAL is to summarize the research data I have collected for your use in fighting your disease



I would like to collect information from you on how these various Protocols work and if they help you with your disease. Please list your current PD symptoms and list symptoms that are gone after taking L-Glutathione. 

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How have your symptoms changed?