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When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004, I looked back on my life to see if I had any significant contributions to my credit.  I am looking at the internet focusing on very affordable Holistic Natural cures.  My Parkinson’s symptoms were real strong; meaning I probably had less than 10 years to live.  So I set out to review the data on Parkinson’s disease.   I developed a protocol that eliminates about 90% of my PD symptoms.   This has really slowed the progression of my PD.   In this internet search I also identified a number of Holistic Cure for Cancer, MS, Concussions, & other autoimmune conditions.  Hopefully this may give a better meaning to my life.  

This Website is free for all to use in their journey.  It is about 25% completed.  I would welcome donations from all of you that feel this Website has good value.  The donations would be used to cover the Website and staff expenses.   I am focusing on very affordable Holistic Natural cures.   I hope to expand this effort so I can grow the site to reach more people.  I also hope that you all can help me validate the potential for success of the protocols I found on the NET.  Thank you in advance for any financial support you will give to Healing the Body 101.